Baby day routine

So I figured after watching my son run around with his learner walker and it being so close to nap time, that I would share a normal day with me and my little! I know when I was pregnant and him being my first baby I wanted to know how a typical day would look like for a stay at home mom, so I searched high and low at all the different “baby schedules” everyone talked about. Let me tell you my son kind of follows the basic of all those schedules but honestly it depends on your child, their interest, on how your day will unfold, especially with when they are older and are up crawling, crusing, or walking.

So a normal day for me is Littles will normally wake up around 8:30ish….I’m not a morning person so I’m glad he does not get up at 6 in the morning! Thank you God! Normally I’ll get him change his diaper, put clothes on him sit him back in his crib (he likes to get into stuff so it’s the only safe place for him) at least until I finish getting dressed. Then normally we’ll sit and watch Ferdinand, yea I know “Babies shouldn’t watch tv!”, well mine does honestly it’s the only time in the whole day he’ll focus on the tv, so definalty not having the tv “babysit my son” it’s just a period of time where we just hang out without any crying, screaming, or yelling going on.

Then depending on how I feel we’ll get up and I’ll go make breakfast, some days we skip breakfast Littles is like me and his nana and doesn’t always want breakfast. But he’ll get a sippy of milk and I’ll have a nice glass of tea. I normally balance the no breakfast with a big snack before lunch or we’ll have bunch then a small lunch before naptime. But we get a good three hours worth of play in, which recently his been really into running around the house with his learner walker so I’ll let him chase me, or let him run around the house with it, instead of sitting in the livingroom playing with toys in there, hopefully soon he’ll be up walking on his own.

Around twelvish depending on how tired Littles is acting we’ll either make lunch something small for him and me, or order out and share. Then its naptime, which is normally me and him laying on my bed and him going to sleep. Normally he’ll nap for 30mins to maybe 2 hours just depends on what’s been going on during the day.

After naptime with we already at lunch, he’ll just play in the livingroom, at some point in the evening mostly around three o’clock he’ll get tired again and go down for another nap but if we skip the nap closer to dinner time I’ll let him distract himself by running around the house with his learner walker while I make dinner.

After dinner time I try to squeeze in a bath for him, we don’t always get to do that part if it’s after eight o’ clock but it helps, because he loves playing in the water so it’ll run down his baby battery more, I’ll lotion him up after his bath, get a fresh diaper and pjs on him, and sit in the rocking chair breastfeed him (weaning is the hardest part for me in breastfeeding, I hate breastfeeding now though so it has to happen.) and let him fall asleep.

Then after he is asleep and laying in his crib hopefully by 8:30…I get some “Me time” to relax and enjoy some peace. Oh and of course share a blog post with everyone!

Also this is just a simple day without any teething pain, upset stomach, doctor’s appointments, Littles’s dad not being off, or any fussiness.


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